#98 Listening to RJBalaji

Never tried RJ Balaji's "Take it Easy" show ? You better Switch ON your radio -BIG FM 92.7 ! I bet he will make you LAUGH !

“RJ from basically a shy type, decent family, share auto boy,” as Balaji describes himself within 140 characters on Twitter in his own characteristic “hi fi yoyo English of the street of the Chennai.”
RJ Balaji, who hosts the evening show at BIG FM, is quite the motormouth and once he gets going, “awesomatic” English flows out of his mouth like Chennai traffic, breaking every rule in the book. If there were a grammar police, he would be serving a sentence for killing words and violating permissible speed limits of chattering nonstop.
Balaji has established himself with his unique style of irreverent humour. !