#21 Shopping in PONDY BAZAR is a must experience.

Clothes Footwear Mobiles Accessories

Pondy Bazaar has a wide variety of clothing, accessories and footwear stores in all price ranges within a two or three kilometre radius. Its a one stop destination for the multi-brand Retail.
Along with independent retailers there are name brand stores such as Indian Terrain, Arrow Woodland, Bata, Fastrack, Titan, Mochi Globus, Raymond Group, Reebok, Nike, LEE, WRANGLER, Levi Strauss & Co. Health & Glow (Women's Beauty Products) and Colour Plus along with cheaper outlets like Big Bazaar and Sri Krishna Collections.
Popular Clothing Independent retailers include Instore (Multi-brand Lingerie & Women's Fashion), Naidu Hall amongst others.
Mobile store chains Univercell and Poorvika are also present in Pondy Bazaar.


Saravana Stores is one of the biggest commercial stores in Chennai. Commodities from safety pins to gold and diamond jewellery are available here. Rathna Stores has a big branch in Pondy Bazaar, where commodities ranging from umbrellas to cooking utensils are available at low prices. The shop has five floors. Ponni Stores. Rathna Fan House (not to be confused with Rathna Stores) is a place for electrical accessories such as fans, air conditioners, and refrigerators. Formerly specialised in lingerie, Naidu Hall now offers garments of all types.

Roadside vendors

Many commodities such as used books, buckets, ropes, soap cases, hair bands, bangles, bags, and other accessories are available from roadside vendors at Pondy Bazaar.These roadside shops form the chief attraction of Pondy bazaar. Most of the commodities in the roadside shops have no fixed price and so the customers and vendors can often be seen bargaining. On weekends the pavements on either side of which the shops are located are crowded. The roadside shops bring in the new fashions of Chennai accessories.


Some of the popular restaurants in and around Pondy Bazaar are Saravana Bhavan, Balaajee Bhavan, Geetha's Cafe, Hot Chips, Adyar Anandha bhavan, Hotel woodlands, Anjjapar & Bombay Halwa House, (Veg. Punjabi Food).
Ambica Apppalam Depot which stocks wide varieties of Masalas and Appalams (Papads) is also located in a street perpendicular to Pondy Bazaar.