#100 Participate in Turtle Walk at Chennai Beach


The Chennai sea coast is a breeding ground for the endangered Olive Ridley turtles.The turtle walks are organised by the Students Sea Turtle Conservation Network (SSTCN) to increase the chances of survival of the Olive Ridley sea turtle. Student volunteers go in search of their nests at night, retrieve the eggs and take them to a hatchery.The Turtle walks route is a 10 km stretch from Neelankarai to Elliot’s beach
The public
are taken along for the walk on Fridays and Saturdays.
During nesting season, from January till April, these turtles come ashore in large numbers, lay eggs in nests and go back to the sea and don’t ever come back to look after the nest or the eggs. Adult turtles return to the shore where they were born, for nesting. When the eggs hatch after 55 days, the hatch-lings make for the sea by instinct as the sea is a brighter source of light than the land.
The SSTCN organises walks during the nesting season to collect the eggs from the nests and put them in a hatchery so that when the hatch-lings come out, they can be safely released into the sea.

Visit here to know more about Turtle walk... http://sstcn.org/

#99 Old Curiosity Shop


Address : 

Old No 156 New No 209, Opp To Spencer Plaza, Anna Salai, Mount Road, Chennai - 600002

Description :  

A perfect place which makes you travel back in time and in awe of the collectibles at this place. A small red building which hides in plain sight. you can get replicas of few and others just on display. A must visit and to buy a few queer antiques.
The place has been r
un by a Kashmiri family for three generations now and they've such a treasure trove of collectibles that it's hard to keep from spending all your money.
Its even more fun when the owner is willing to sit and talk about it and tell you where and how he acquired them. Of course, it is expensive but if you're a fan of history then you know it deserves to be costly! Antique lovers, you can't miss this one!

#98 Listening to RJBalaji

Never tried RJ Balaji's "Take it Easy" show ? You better Switch ON your radio -BIG FM 92.7 ! I bet he will make you LAUGH !

“RJ from basically a shy type, decent family, share auto boy,” as Balaji describes himself within 140 characters on Twitter in his own characteristic “hi fi yoyo English of the street of the Chennai.”
RJ Balaji, who hosts the evening show at BIG FM, is quite the motormouth and once he gets going, “awesomatic” English flows out of his mouth like Chennai traffic, breaking every rule in the book. If there were a grammar police, he would be serving a sentence for killing words and violating permissible speed limits of chattering nonstop.
Balaji has established himself with his unique style of irreverent humour. !

#97 Flying kites In Marina Beach

#96 Go-Kart !


NAME OF THE PLACE : Kart attack


 No: 101, East Cost Road. Akkarai, Chennai, TN 600119

Phone : 044 3299 0000


Do you fantasize being the next Senna or Schumacher? Want to feel the same rush and create your own Grandprix records? You can live your dream at Kart attack, even if it is only for 5 minutes! Go-karting aims to bring motorsport opportunities to the masses and even if you have no driving skills, you can still Go-kart!
These karts can be driven by anyone over the age of 10. All of today's motorcar racers have started their racing careers with Go-karting. This is the first step to success in car racing! Not everyone has the resources to try a hand at professional motorsports. Go-karting is as close to the real thing as you can get and it is easily accessible by one and all.

#95 Bowling @ DownUnder


Name of the place : DOWN UNDER

Address : 

123, Dugar Tower, Marshalls Road, Egmore, Chennai- 600008, Tamil Nadu

Description :

  Bowling, an addiction that will soon catch you if it still hasn’t. Its a great way to spend a leisure weekend bowling. You can do it in the middle of your shopping, hanging out with friends, before/after a movie, along with a b’day party, with family.
Not Only bowling , They even have Billiards & Snooker in a lovely ambience; Fun Video games. Delicious bite Vibrant & colorful vegetarian restaurant. Big Screen TV, Karaoke room. Open for Individuals, family with Student Membership.

#94 Visiting the Haunted De Monte Colony (Demandi Colony) at NIGHT.

Name Of the place : De Monte Colony

Address : Demonte Colony, Abiramapuram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Description : People new to Chennai might hardly believe this, because we're talking about a road right off the bustling St Mary's Road that houses two star hotels. But go to this street (known as Demonte Colony, or Demandi Colony, as the authorities spell it!) at night, and you'll surely be spooked out. For starters, there're no lights and the trees form a unique-yet-eerie design. Almost all the houses in this stretch have remained locked for several years now. Locals state that it is because John D'Monte, a 19th century business magnate in the city who owned most of the area at that time, led a sad personal life — his wife was mentally ill and their only son disappeared while returning from abroad.

#93 Alwar Book Stall

Book lovers in the city of Chennai frequent this spot in Luz, Mylapore, on the roadside, opposite to Kamadhenu theater.
Nammalwar (owner thatha) came to Chennai as a helper to a military officer in the year 1948. He
acted in 13 tamil films including ‘Sorgavasal’, saved some money and invested it in the book business. Initially he was going around collecting old books from people’s homes, some of them sold books to him and some gave the books to him free of cost. Nowadays, he never goes out for collection, people come and sell books or hand them over to him. There are also libraries which buy books from this book-seller.
Need a book ??..The grandpa over there can help u find a book of any genre . . He will locate our book if u know the author..Great man he is!!!!

#92 Go Scuba Diving !!


Name of the Place: Temple Adventures

Address: 5 Veeramunivar st, Colas Nagar, Pondicherry, India, 605001 (landmark Indira Gandhi Sports Complex)

Description: Temple Adventures. India's only East Coast Scuba Diving, Surfing and Water Sports Centre! Currently dive at more than 20 sites ranging from 5m to 40m depth, with average ocean temperatures of 28 C and visibility up to 40M.
Dive into the sea, and experience the thrill of Scuba Diving of India's East Coast! Covers Amazing areas of beautiful untouched natural coral reefs, packed with marine life. Experience this for yourself and get your own under the sea picture for your wall or photo album!!
No swimming skills are required.

#91 Attend Madras music season during the month of December-January

Madras Music Season is an event hosted every December–January in the present-day south Indian metropol of Chennai. Spanning some six weeks, a number of large and small kutcheris (Carnatic music concerts) are performed by highly competent musicians. The traditional role of the Music Season is to allow aficionados of Carnatic music to appreciate performances by renowned artists, and to allow promising young artists to display their talent and skill. Audiences and artists come from across India and from the international Indian diaspora to be part of the event.


If you want to enjoy North Indian Food and Chaats in Chennai, don't think twice , just go straight to this Restaurant. They have awesome ranges of starter and sweets dishes. One of the main attraction is Paneer. You can have any dish of Paneer, its worth having. A great place to have quality vegetarian food.

#89 Visit Cotton street at Pantheon road

Copper sulphate brown, fuchsia pinks, lemon greens, sunny yellows, blacks whites and a whole myriad of colours welcomes you as you walk into the modest little street which perhaps showcases the haute couture of Chennai's Fashion scene. For those still wondering what this is all about. Cotton Street is a place where you can pick up the loveliest of cotton dress materials at absolutely pocket friendly prices. Situated at Pantheon road 1st street, 'Cotton street' which it has come to be called fondly by its patrons, has turned out to be the fashion hub of Chennai city over the years.
Today, Cotton Street has become a must for visitors to Chennai. The buyers are not just bargain savvy people but also the so called car walas. On one side of the lane are pavement vendors, over 60 of them, displaying fabrics of different hues and textures.
The lane is in all its sprits from 2 p.m. when the vendors start setting their stalls. Accolades to their sense of colour combination and the competitiveness among the vendors! These vendors are open for business until 8 p.m. every day. The price on the street ranges from Rs 30 to Rs 80 per meter. A salwar suit of seven meters would cost Rs 240, The lower the price you get with better bargaining skills.
But what's truly amazing is the creativity and eye for colour that all hawkers have. And one walk down that road is enough to prove that. The unique combination of kurtas, Salwars and Dupattas can easily pass of as designer ones and that's exactly why people swear by Cotton Street. A leisurely walk down the cotton street you can discover exciting and unique facets of shopping different from being in a super mall.
So the next time you want to jazz up your wardrobe without spending a fortune, you know where to head. The cotton route to pantheon road is definitely worth taking.

#88 The Chocolate Room, Velachery

If you have a craze for chocolate then you must visit this place. An interesting menu and tasty food. The rates are nominal. A good place to hangout. The service staff are also good. Strongly recommend.

#87 Wanna feel love and peace at the same time? Visit Santhome church

The very sight of the church itself is awesome and when you go inside it is even more fascinating and beautifull a real architecural beauty and marvel it really stands out exclusively as a place of worship with priceless relics for you to actually see for yourself and also a tourist attraction



Prarthana Beach Drive-in Theatre Complex, East Coast Road, Injambakkam,
Chennai - 600 041


2449 1402 / 692
Description : 

Its India's first Beach Drive-in Theatre.
One of the major highlights is the giant screen (100 feet by 60 feet), covering about two and a half grounds, specially curved to provide for better clarity and viewing. Only cars are allowed on the ramp. The ramp can hold 160 cars and is constructed in such way that a person sitting in the back seat can also view the movie comfortably.

#85 Visit HigginBothams - Mount Road

A serene old bookstore located at Mount Road. Having the reputation of being the oldest bookstore in existence. Has the widest collection of books on arts, science and literature. A must visit for all the book lovers.

#84 Ultimate Fun in ECR !!

ECR, Chennai is a perfect spot for weekend picnics. The entire road is filled with amusement parks, beaches, multiplexes, themed restaurants, resorts, fishing hamlets and heritage centers. Due to its proximity to OMR, the IT hub of Chennai, it gets busy in the weekends.
A plan thats apt for friends ,busy bees,newbies,family nor any one..East Coast Road is the spot! Exit the concrete jungle to stretch ur legs and taste the coast line's beauty. Long drives during dawn and sunset is sheer nostalgic.

Things to do:
Adventure sports.
One day out in Resorts which offer combo packages that hardly costs much per head.
Long Drives.
Midnight BIKE RIDE esp during Full moon
Boat rides.
Thought of testing your rides top speed?Drive Hard and sober down before heading home.
Plenty of small deserted beaches ( Those beaches along with forests are really HAUNTED )
Amusement parks..
Coffee shops,clubs,Theaters ... WHAT NOT !! ???

#83 Going to the top of light house

The lighthouse was opened in January 1977.  It is one of the few lighthouses in the world and the only one in India with an elevator. It is also the only lighthouse in India within the city limits

#82 Visit Chennai's ISKON TEMPLE

Sri Radha Krishna Mandir (ISKCON Temple)

ADDRESS : Hare Krishna land, Bhaktivedantha Swami Road, Akkarai, Sholinganallur, Injambakkam, Chennai

DESCRITPION : ISKCON Temple Chennai is a Vaishnava temple dedicated to Lord Krishna. It is located on the East Coast Road at Akkarai, Sholinganallur in southern Chennai. Built on 1.5 acres of land, the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) Chennai is the largest Radha Krishna temple in Tamil Nadu.

#81 Travelling in "Anna Durai's auto" !

One of the 'MUST DO' in chennai ..
Annadurai is one of d coolest Auto-Driver in d world !
A share-auto driver on the Thiruvanmiyur-Sholinganallur route in Chennai, Annadurai’s auto is loaded with goodies — free WiFi, mobile charging point, 35 magazines, 10 newspapers, TV and a Samsung Galaxy tablet to access Internet (in case you don’t have a smartphone).

#80 Have Samosas @ The Samosa Factory

Address: AB-120, 1st Floor, Shanthi Colony, Anna Nagar, Chennai, TN 600040
Description :
The Samosa Factory makes super quality, super tasty, super hygienic Patti Samosas at a very affordable price.


Going to the beach in Chennai, whether it's Elliot's or Marina beach, means more than just wetting your feet, or sitting on the beach.

The crowds will vary whether you go during the day or in the evening. But the one thing that's constant is the variety of food you will get on the beach, ranging from ice creams to savory, mouth-watering snacks.

A typical marina beach freak who wanders there till it gets dark. The reason , yes ofcourse, the red staged shops where chillis are decorated as their borders and the aroma of Molaga bajji everywhere..
It is the quintessential snack on a Chennai beach - the fried crispy chilly. It's called molaga (chilli) bajji (batter that's fried) in the local dialect, Tamil. It's spicy and delicious especially when served with a side of coconut chutney.

Go anywhere on the main beach and you can't miss these stalls. Sit on a stool or on the sand, munch on one of these.

#78 Attending TECHOFES @ Anna University

Techofes is the annual cultural festival of College of Engineering Guindy, Anna University, Chennai held in mid February, and is one of the most popular cultural festivals in South India. Techofes is held for 4 nights and 3 days which draws a footfall of about 40,000 students from more than 250 colleges across South India.

#77 Burma Bazzar

Buying 5.1 dvd movie for weekend at Burma Bazzar near beach station.

#76 Shopping At Spencer Plaza

ADDRESS : 769, Anna Salai, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600 002, India
Spencer plaza -once the pride of mount road and was one of the modern landmarks of the city.It is the oldest shopping mall in India and one of the biggest shopping malls in South Asia when it was built.
Probably you want a typical brand new western mall that all look the same, then this is not the place for you. But if you want a bazaar feel while being in an enclosed and secure place, this is your place. The place is HUGE so allow some time to explore the side stalls and corridors.

#75 Visit Vandalur zoo.. ( Must visit ! place in chennai )

NAME OF THE PLACE : Arignar Anna Zoological Park (Vandaloor zoo )

ADDRESS : Vandalur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600048

DESCRIPTION : This is certainly one of the best zoos in India, having a vast area where animals are kept in a natural environment. They have a lion safari. It is plastic free zone. Great for children. ( great place for wild life photography )
The main objectives of the park are ex-situ propagation of critically endangered species to prevent their extinction, wildlife education and interpretation aimed at a wider public appreciation of wildlife, and wildlife research to promote wildlife conservation and management

#74 Visit Crocodile Bank

NAME OF THE PLACE : Crocodile Bank [Madras Crocodile Bank Trust]


DESCRIPTION : The Madras Crocodile Bank Trust and Center for Herpetology is a reptile zoo and herpetology research station, located 40 kilometres south of the city of Chennai.

#73 Italian cuisine @ CUP O' CAFE

Name of the Place : CUP O' CAFE

ADDRESS :No 23/5, RMM Centre , Dr Algappa Road , Purasawalkam, Chennai (opp to CSI ewarts school)

Description : Cup O' Cafe' (COC) is the first Italian specialty chain in Chennai, which combines the concept of Italian dining with the fast food cult in the city.. Chic decor, relaxing ambiance, authentic Italian cuisine and a service that goes an extra mile, these are some of the signature features of COC. Being an exclusive vegetarian restaurant, COC brings on the very best of Italian cuisine to Chennai. Be it the Pastas, Wood Pizzas, lasagnes, Cannelloni or Stroganoff, COC ensures that each and every dish from its kitchen retains its unique Italian splendor.

#72 Shopping at Chennai City Center

#71 Visiting Anna Square

Anna Square Chennai is located towards the north of the Marina Beach.
Anna Square is essentially a memorial dedicated to the great leader of Dravidian movement, Arinzar Annadurai. He was a person who scarificied his entire life for the people. People pay tribute to Dr.Annadurai Here..
Adjacent to the memorial of Annadurai is one more memorial, that of Dr. M.G. RAmachandran.
Like Annadurai, Ramachandran was a poineering leader of the Puractchi Thalaivar MGR.

Key features of the Anna Square of Chennai are :
# The Anna Square Situated in Chennai is constructed in the form of an exquisitely ornamented park.

# The entrance gate is indeed something to watch out for at Anna Square in Chennai. It is constructed in the shape of a marvelous arch that is studded with twin tusks of elephants which appear converging towards each other. It is so pretty and well-conceptualized that it is truly a treat for the eyes.

# In the Anna Square of Chennai, the grave of the Great Chief Minister is located in the midst of the artistic park. It is also winged by the erection of a memorial tower and foundation of an eternal flame which epitomizes his immortal soul.


Name of the Place: OFF ROAD SPORTS

Off Road Sports
168/17 Pattipulam on ECR,
East Coast road, Chennai-603104

Driving directions:
6kms after Crocodile Park
8kms before Mahabalipuram on ECR.

Mobile No:

Off-Road Sports is an ATV (All terrain vehicle) club to entertain and to have different experience in sports for all ages above 6.
The club has fun filled and thrilling track to ride all kind of ATV's from 50cc to 1000cc powered.
Trainers are available to guide the users. Safe enough to allow your entire family to enjoy.

check their site For more details :


#69 Visit Mayajaal

Mayajaal is an entertainment center in Kanathur, Chennai, India. It is located on the East Coast Road and spread over an area of 30 acres.It consists of a shopping mall, a multiplex, a sports complex and a resort. Mayajaal has 16-screen multiplex.it is the largest multiplex of asia The sports complex was started in 2003, which also hosted the Indian Cricket League matches. The Resort was opened in 2005 with 40 rooms. The 30,000 sq.ft shopping mall was opened in 2006.

#68 Bird Watch @ Vedanthankal Lake Bird Sanctuary

The best time to visit is from November to February of every year when the migratory birds starts arriving here. The Sanctuary is home for many migratory birds and some local birds during the season time. There are around 30000+ birds of different varieties found during the season time.
Good place for a photography

#67 Watch a CSK match in Chepauk stadium(MUST DO!!)

#66 Trek,Swim and relax at Kone falls

 Kone falls (Kailashakone)


 10kms from Puttur Rlwy st, TN-AP border. Around 90kms from CMBT


The falls avails you a shower with its fresh and sacred water. You can bath either in the falls or start trekking up the hill where you can find a lot of small pools formed naturally by rock-cut ponds which gives you the feel of a natural swimming pool.
Activities to do:

#65 Besant nagar church(Annai Velankanni Church) and Ashta lakshmi temple

First visit to church and a walk along the little lane that connects ashta lakshmi temple will be fun . . Mini shopping on road side shops . . Ah that's a good feel . . . The beach view from Ashta lakshmi temple tower is a bliss . . Never miss that chill sea breeze . . Perfect timing will be evening around 5 . . Chill out once and you will long to be there on weekends

#64 Visit Royapuram Fishing Harbour

The breakwater inside the harbour leads up to 300 m into the sea. The draft alongside the wharf is 2 m. The harbour has a capacity to handle about 575 fishing craft but over 1,395 boats use the space. Over 600 45-ft boats (each operated by 11 people), 200 30-ft boats (each operated by 4 people) and 300 fibre boats with outboard motors (each operated by 3 to 4 people), in addition to hundreds of catamarans, use the harbour.

#63 Koyembedu flower market

All types of flowers available in wholesale rate - the only place in chennai - where we can bargain and buy flowers for any sort of function


LOCATION : Palavakkam Beach,Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600041

Here's your chance to experience the thrill of actually sailing in a "CATAMARAN" and looking out across the sea for a breathtaking view.
The Catamaran Ride is a mild, low adrenaline water adventure that has few other sports matching its unique excitement and thrill! The undulating water and the challenge of making it over the churning rapids is a high that has one raring to go!

* Excitement begins with arrival at the Palavakam beach
* Experience the catamaran glide through the waves up to 1 Km from the shore
* Enjoy incredible fun and frolic with friends for 45 minutes in the sea
* Every day rides are between 10 am to 2 pm subject to weather conditions
* Each boat carries six people
* Enhance fishermen’s lives and their families

#61 Moore market

Location: Near Central station

Searching for some old books? well you can certainly Walk through the grandeur of new and old books arranged in never ending racks in addition to artefacts and junks from era not known Nostalgia

#60 Visit Connemara library

ADDRESS: Connemara Public Library, Pantheon Road, Egmore(inside egmore museum)

one of the oldest and the largest library in india. they say that ARIGNAR ANNA spent almost half of his lifetime here in this library.
You will have books from almost all departments.
must visit place if u are a chennaitie!

#59 Eating in titanic fastfood @marina

This  is a must do in chennai though the food is not hygienic, you dont get such chinese anywhere.

#58 Relaxing at semmozhi poonga garden

Botanical garden in the heart of the city.A place to relax and admire the beauty of nature
The garden remains open for morning walkers from 6 am to 8 am. For visitors, the park remains open from 10 am through 8 pm on all days except Tuesdays. There is an open auditorium available within the garden which can be hired to organise functions.The garden has a parking lot that can accommodate around 100 cars and more than 500 two-wheelers. An entry fee of INR 15 is collected from all people above 10 years of age or 130 cm height. For the early morning walk, the entry is permitted only for monthly pass holders, for which INR 150 is charged.


A day in Chennai, just CANNOT miss a lunch at Hotel Saravana Bhavan. The full Tamil Nadu meals starting with the unparalleled Tomato Soup ending with their royal Beedas... MUST !!!!
If you are new to chennai , HSB is a MUST TRY.. I'm sure they wont disappoint you
And every Chennaite has a memory at HSB. Their recepie is unique and the food there is very tasty( yum! )

#56 Have Biriyani @Amirunnisa Biryani

Pycrofts Road, Triplicane, Chennai - 600005


Hi, cover 'Amirunnisa Biryani' in triplicane... Suppose to be smaller but more famous than "Charminar Biryani". Guess it is the only shop where thy ask u for option of which part of the meat u want in the biryani (leg piece, breast etc). Thy run two shops one only for mutton and other only for chicken biryani

#55 Visit chembarambakkam lake

Chembarambakkam aeri, or Chembarambakkam lake, is a lake located in the Kanchipuram district of Tamil Nadu, India, about 40 km from Chennai. It is one of the two rain-fed reservoirs from where water is drawn for supply to Chennai City, the other one being the Puzhal Lake. The Adyar River originates from this lake. A part of water supply of the metropolis of Chennai is drawn from this lake.

#54 Go to the annual Chennai Book Fair

YMCA Ground, Nandhanam


 A book-lover's dream! It is an experience to see rows and rows of stalls selling just books, all under one roof. Also, you get some amazing deals.

#53 Electronics shopping Ritchie street

Ritchie street is the electronic shopping hub of Chennai city (earlier known as Madras) in India. All types of electronic goods imported from different part of world especially from China and Korea are available at moderate to cheap rates here.The market is spread through Narasingapuram street and Wallers road adjacent to Anna Salai (old Mount Road) near Ritchie Street. The street is always crowded and very little space is available for movement of vehicles or pedestrians.

Ritchie street started as a radio market and then transformed into a market for televisions, computers, mobile phones and laptops.

Ritchie Street is credited by the Second Largest Electronic Market for computer spares and peripherals in India, after Nehru Place, New Delhi, India.

#52 Photoshoot @ ALAMPARAI FORT

ALAMPARAI FORT,Edaikazhinadu, TN 603304

It is the Alamparai fort near Kalpakkam, can be reached via ecr.Best place for a morning visit to watch the sun rise and a refreshing bath or an evening booze with friends..
Good place for photography.

Sudhamshu Hebbar

#51 Visit Chokhi Dhani

Location: Thandalam, Mevalurkuppam, TN 602117

Hours: 4:00–10:00 pm

A colourful & Vibrant Rajasthani theme village... Beautifully lit up and colourfully decorated place...Fun filled activities for both adults & kids...don't miss the animal rides, kite flying ,camel rides,mehendi, live cultural performences dancing with the Rajasthan dancers ...& the lavish buffet they serve.....
price...550 rs for adults / 350 for kids aged above 3..Ideal place to spend time with family or frnds..