#71 Visiting Anna Square

Anna Square Chennai is located towards the north of the Marina Beach.
Anna Square is essentially a memorial dedicated to the great leader of Dravidian movement, Arinzar Annadurai. He was a person who scarificied his entire life for the people. People pay tribute to Dr.Annadurai Here..
Adjacent to the memorial of Annadurai is one more memorial, that of Dr. M.G. RAmachandran.
Like Annadurai, Ramachandran was a poineering leader of the Puractchi Thalaivar MGR.

Key features of the Anna Square of Chennai are :
# The Anna Square Situated in Chennai is constructed in the form of an exquisitely ornamented park.

# The entrance gate is indeed something to watch out for at Anna Square in Chennai. It is constructed in the shape of a marvelous arch that is studded with twin tusks of elephants which appear converging towards each other. It is so pretty and well-conceptualized that it is truly a treat for the eyes.

# In the Anna Square of Chennai, the grave of the Great Chief Minister is located in the midst of the artistic park. It is also winged by the erection of a memorial tower and foundation of an eternal flame which epitomizes his immortal soul.