Going to the beach in Chennai, whether it's Elliot's or Marina beach, means more than just wetting your feet, or sitting on the beach.

The crowds will vary whether you go during the day or in the evening. But the one thing that's constant is the variety of food you will get on the beach, ranging from ice creams to savory, mouth-watering snacks.

A typical marina beach freak who wanders there till it gets dark. The reason , yes ofcourse, the red staged shops where chillis are decorated as their borders and the aroma of Molaga bajji everywhere..
It is the quintessential snack on a Chennai beach - the fried crispy chilly. It's called molaga (chilli) bajji (batter that's fried) in the local dialect, Tamil. It's spicy and delicious especially when served with a side of coconut chutney.

Go anywhere on the main beach and you can't miss these stalls. Sit on a stool or on the sand, munch on one of these.