#94 Visiting the Haunted De Monte Colony (Demandi Colony) at NIGHT.

Name Of the place : De Monte Colony

Address : Demonte Colony, Abiramapuram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Description : People new to Chennai might hardly believe this, because we're talking about a road right off the bustling St Mary's Road that houses two star hotels. But go to this street (known as Demonte Colony, or Demandi Colony, as the authorities spell it!) at night, and you'll surely be spooked out. For starters, there're no lights and the trees form a unique-yet-eerie design. Almost all the houses in this stretch have remained locked for several years now. Locals state that it is because John D'Monte, a 19th century business magnate in the city who owned most of the area at that time, led a sad personal life — his wife was mentally ill and their only son disappeared while returning from abroad.